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Preparing for Winter

- When the Frosts come!

Ana, Robbie and family skiing in the Alps at Christmas

Ana, Robbie and family skiing in the Alps at Christmas

The winter months can be quite tough on your motorhome! Some planning and preparation can help keep your vehicle in the best condition for your next trip out.

Here is a list of things that you may wish to consider for your vans hibernation or for your return from any travels when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose...

Water and Waste:

- Open and leave open the drain valves on the Fresh and Waste water tanks (or remove your internal tanks if you have a simple submersible pump system)

- Drain the water heater (for Malaga systems there is a drain valve on the rear bottom left corner, next to a clear hose). Leave the drain tap open until you are ready to use the heater again.

- Turn the pump on and open all of the taps in the vehicle. Run the pump dry for 20 seconds. If you have a toilet with an electric flush hold the flush button for 20 seconds also.

- Switch the pump off but leave the taps open to allow any remaining water to syphon back through the pipes. These too should then be left open.

- Cover the pump with rags or material that will keep it a bit warmer as there will also be residual water left inside it (particularly if the grit filter is fitted).

- Remove the shower head and hose from the tap (where possible) and give it a shake outside. Place the head/hose assembly back into the shower tray.

- At this stage you could take the van for a 10 minute drive to "shake" as much remaining water from the system as possible. Left and right hand turns are good and speed bumps are now your friends!

- Porta-pottis and Toilet Waste cassettes should be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Once cleaned treat the rubber seals and blades to a spray of silicon lubricant to stop them drying out. Store them in a garage if possible.

- A small spray of antibacterial cleaner down all plugs and putting the plugs in will help stop any odours coming back into the vehicle.

Habitation Area:

- Thouroughly clean the fridge and secure the door slightly ajar so that air can circulate.

- Clean the oven, grill and hob one last time if you are not planning to use the vehicle for a while.

- Empty all of the cupboards/storage areas.

- A quick run around with the vacuum cleaner particularly on the upholstery/curtains and inside the cupboards is recommended. Leave all of the cupboard doors open.

- Remove any valuable items and documents or portable electrical equipment.

- If it is possible remove soft furnishings, otherwise move them so that air can circulate freely around them.

- It has been suggested that a few bowls of salt left around can help remove moisture from the air but should only be used if you do not plan on driving the vehicle. (NB We have never tried this!).

Other Areas:

- Spray Silicon Lubricant around the vehicle door seals and if possible around the seals on the roof vents and Seitz windows. This helps them to stop sticking and drying out.

- Remove and store your gas cylinders in a dry and well ventilated area.

- Check if there are any vehicle anniversaries during the hibernation period such as MOT, Insurance Renewal, Servicing etc...

- Consider extra security such as Wheel Clamps, Steering Locks etc. Check with your insurance to see if you need to do anything in particular.


This information has been given in good faith based on our experience with building and using motorhomes. Under no circumstances can Young Conversions Ltd. be held responsible for any damage caused by following this information. Always read the specific manufacturers instructions before carrying out any maintenance.

If you have anything that you would like to contribute or suggest for this list please contact Thank you.