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- What to do now

The core of our business is designing and building bespoke motorhome conversions that are tailored around our clients. This sets us above most other converters.

Although the process of ordering a custom built motorcaravan may appear quite daunting and more expensive than buying an 'off the shelf' model this is not usually the case and there are many additional benefits:

You can choose your fabrics and colour schemes from a large selection.

You can also choose from a variety of layouts and roof configurations

By mixing and matching our tried and tested layouts we can produce a motorcaravan that truly meets your needs.

And you can choose any suitable base vehicle with the engine of your choice.

You can supply your own base vehicle or let us source a suitable vehicle either new or pre-owned.

If you wish you can prepare your own specification to build a simple camping car or full blown luxury motorhome or, if it would help, we can assist you in the planning and preparation of your specification.

Additionally we can tailor the project to your budget by carrying out part conversions or by scheduling the build in stages to spread the cost.

However there are so many possible layouts and variations to choose from that it is impossible to illustrate them all in a single brochure or even on our web site. Therefore, for us to take your enquiry to the next stage, you will have to visit us to discuss your needs and to see at first hand the high quality and attention to detail that goes into each of our conversions. We keep abreast of new developments and regulations so this means that our attention to detail is not just cosmetic but applies to all areas of construction.

The Process

Once you have placed your order we will keep you informed of its' progress prior to the commencement of the "build". We will also consult with you regarding the base vehicle, if appropriate, and answer any questions or queries which may arise during this period. We are very flexible and we understand that during the lead in period you will be giving the project much thought, so you can add, delete or modify items listed on the specification up to the time we start placing orders for major components. We will inform you if there is a financial implication to the changes and we will amend the specification accordingly.

We will speak with you close to the "build" date to arrange the delivery of the base vehicle or to inform you of the delivery of your vehicle if you have placed the order through us. You will be invited to visit us to confirm the details of your conversion before we start. We will also encourage you to visit us during the conversion so that you will have the opportunity to experience the behind the scenes activity in building your motorhome. These visits enable us to discuss the detail of the conversion with you to ensure that our thoughts are in sync with each other.

On completion we will invite you along to go through a comprehensive hand over where we will demonstrate all the features of your new conversion.

How to proceed

We run a series of open Saturdays throughout the year to which you are welcome to attend without appointment. During the open days it is not normally possible to produce a quote but we will be able to give an estimate. If you want us to discuss your conversion in detail and to be given a quote we are available by appointment during normal office hours Monday to Friday.

When you visit us we will discuss your requirements and demonstrate various layouts and equipment options. We will also give you a quote based on your proposed specification and our discussions. This is an exact figure, not an estimate, and is the price you pay. There are no hidden extras. When you decide to proceed we will give you a copy of the specification and quote in writing.

When you arrange an appointment, you can look forward to a warm welcome when you visit. There is no obligation to place an order and there will be no pressure to do so. We believe, and we try to make, the planning and building of your motorhome as relaxed and enjoyable as the time you will spend in it.